We Are

CE Venture Capital is a multi-stage venture investor focused on helping to enable cutting edge companies to strategically grow, scale and accelerate towards the end user.

We align with big thinkers supported by high quality teams who are driving revolutionary ideas and innovative products and services. We have the ability to assist companies with their roadmap to grow, mature and scale into new markets.

Proven Track Record
Our team has collectively built a number of companies from the ground up across the globe. Our strengths in leadership and execution and our expertise in designing and supporting strategic vision has allowed us to break boundaries across industries to achieve a long history of successful outcomes.

Dynamic Platform
We have an established platform to bridge visionary technologies to the end user. We have built a culture of assistance, support and collective insights aimed to provide value-adding partnerships and guidance to identify and access market opportunities.

We Do

We invest in innovative ideas, visionary leaders and technologies that can leverage our ecosystem to reach their fullest potential.

We aim to accelerate our portfolio companies not only by providing cross-border opportunities, but also by connecting them with industry leaders to give unfiltered guidance on how to best fulfill end user demand.

We help identify, analyze, evaluate and execute new market opportunities and potential M&A strategically aligned to drive growth, impact and scale.

We offer hands-on support to navigate the inevitable challenges faced by our portfolio companies in the ever changing and competitive global economy.


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Our projects educate and inspire all over the world. Get a feel for what we do and how we do it on our Youtube channel.

A prime representation of a seamless partnership between technology and the end user is the Smart City.

“It is expected that two thirds of the world will live in cities by 2030. With urbanization growing at such a rapid pace, there is an imminent demand for cities at full capacity to address the challenge of infrastructure. This is where data and technology come into play to analyze problems, make better decisions and deliver a better quality of life for the individuals who will live in the potential ‘smart cities’ of the future.”

We therefore pursue and welcome opportunities to partner with technology companies focused on clean energy, biotech/health, smart technology and applied AI/ML, etc. with the vision to build great businesses over the long term.




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